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4Earth Anti Slip Mineral Tile - 5 Litre


Shipping Cost (ROI): €15
Price includes 23% VAT
Lead time - 2-3 working days

The best performing, value for money, anti slip on the planet!
Proven over 8 years and by almost 30 billion footfall on London Underground stations and still working!

Safe Treatment
Easier to clean than other anti slips
Smooth clear finish – No aggregate
NO harmful acids, no neutralizer needed
Maintains aesthetics* 

Coverage - 8 - 10m2 per litre

*subject to suitable training, experience and equipment used

Application Guide

It is advised a test area is conducted before any large area is coated.
Ensure the floor is clean, completely dry and free from contaminants prior to application.
Apply 4Earth Mineral Tile to area ensuing it is soaked, using a sprayer or mop.
We strongly recommend that only small areas are treated at a time, around 30m2, before moving onto the next area. 
Leave to dwell for 15-60 mins, again making sure the product does not dry.
When the appropriate dwell time has lapsed you can then begin to rinse the product using a separate sprayer with clean water.
Spray the full area that has been anti slipped.
This should then be quickly lifted from the floor using a scrubber dryer or a wet vac.
A mop with clean water can be used to collect any excess left behind by the wet vac / scrubber.
A detailed application guide is available below.