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4Earth Cleans & Anti Slips


Shipping Cost (ROI): €15
Price includes 23% VAT
Lead time - 2-3 working days

4Earth Cleans & Anti Slips is a powerful cleaner that also anti slips your tiled floors.

Simple to use and replaces any current floor cleaner.

Application Guide

-Use appropriate PPE as indicated in the Safety Data Sheet and place Safety Signs.
-Sweep down area to remove any loose debris.
-Dilute 100ml per 5 litres of cold water.
-Apply with a sprayer, mop or cloth.
-For best results use machinery such as a rotary with appropriate cleaning brush or pad.
-If cleaning machinery isn't available a clean mop and bucket will suffice
-Rinse down with clean water or lift off with a wet vac or scrubbing machine vac.
-Once surface is dry, remove Safety Signs

*always conduct a small inconspicuous test area