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4Earth Super Seal - 5 Litre


Shipping Cost (ROI): €15
Price includes 23% VAT
Lead time - 2-3 working days

4Earth Super Seal is a super strong bonding sealer & anti-slip perfect for us on polished porcelain, granite & polished concrete. 

Application Guide

-It is advised a test area is conducted before any large area is coated.
-Shake bottle well before use.
-Product should not be used in temperatures less than 10o C.
-Ensure the floor is clean, dry and free from contaminants prior to application.
-Use a microfibre roller to apply in a uniform manner.
-Do not allow product to puddle.
-Some surfaces may need to be keyed before application.
-A detailed application guide is available below

4Earth Super Seal provides:
-Excellent scratch resistance
-36+ Wet PTV (Anti Slip Version)
-Easy to apply
-UV Stable
-Low VOCs
-1st coat dry in as little as 30 - 40 minutes
-One Pack
-Extremely easy to clean and maintain